What is GA4? – Your Beginner’s Guide to Google Analytics 4

5 Crucial Reasons Why You Should Hire an SEO Company

Many businesses rely on SEO to get more traffic for their website. Find out why you should invest on this as well.

Building Backlinks the Proper Way for SEO

Backlinking is important to SEO. This article explains the many reasons why you should build backlinks for your website.

Do You Have Credible Content on Your Website, in Articles and Press Releases?

As a business one of your top objectives is to increase brand visibility and improve your customer base through your online efforts. You spend hours working on articles and press releases that you can load onto various sites, directing customers to your website in the hope of improving your sales turnover.

Does Your Content Beat The Google Panda Update?

It was a month ago when Google released their new panda update, causing chaos in the SEO industry. Now that the panda update is behind us, brimming with a host of new algorithms, it’s a chance to see how your pages are copy and whether you need to make any changes to meet the requirements.

Changing Your Twitter Handle

This is a question we are asked a great deal. For many individuals and businesses, there may come a time when they need to change their Twitter Handle. This can occur for many reasons. Sometime the name needs changed for personal reasons, sometimes as part of a rebranding exercise.

Keywords – How Important Are They in the Post Hummingbird-Panda-Penguin World?

A few years back, before Google Panda’s introduction in February 2011, SEO was simpler than learning the alphabet. Alright, maybe not that simple, but it still gave early adopters an easy ride to the top of the search engines.

Here’s Why Conversion Rate Experts Are a Better Investment Than SEO, SMM, or Content Marketing

Conversion rate experts deliver far higher ROI than SEO, SMM, PPC, or content marketing. By reducing marketing costs and optimising copywriting, web design, and web programming to increase conversion rate for years to come, conversion rate experts are the best short term investment option for most website owners.

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