The Loudest Person in the Room in the Weakest

Top 5 SEO Myths

Properly done search engine optimization (SEO) will do a lot of things for you. It will get you to the first page of search engine results, it will create more exposure for your site and most importantly, it will bring good traffic. But to enjoy these and many other benefits of well-done SEO, you have to stop believing some of the myths about SEO.

Why Are Title Tags So Important?

Title tags are an important part of search engine optimisation. This article looks at why they’re so important and how you can make the most out of them.

SEO Companies Help Business Reach Worldwide

Professional SEO services can bring your website up above of your competitors. An expert SEO company can give your website top position on the SERPs of major search engines like Google, Yahoo and Bing. As the consequence of it, your website gets more visibility and more traffic

Keyword Research: Why It Is Important for Traffic

Hello Independent Business Owners, I hope all is well. Well I’m going to hop right into today’s topic which is keyword research. Pretty much 50 to 60% of people use search engines to find whatever website, product, or service they are looking for.

Six Simple Tips for Effective Insurance Search Engine Optimization

There are many different experts touting the latest insurance search engine optimization strategies. This can become confusing for agencies, brokers and insurance wholesalers, which hope for prominent rankings on Google page one search engine result pages. Let’s review some of the important basics when it comes to insurance agency search engine optimization. It is helpful to keep these tips in mind:

Simple SEO Tips to Get Your Website Started on the Right Foot

In simple words, Search Engine Optimization, or SEO – as it is popularly called – is an arrangement that makes your web pages friendlier to the search engines, and thus brings more visitors to your site. SEO comprises of two parts: on-page and off page SEO, which in turn is further divided to components such as: keyword analysis, social bookmarking, directory submission, article submission and blog writing. Here are important SEO tips for any novice: 1…

5 Biggest Reasons to Get Rid of Your SEO Agency Right Away

Man is a gregarious animal. He loves company and loves to share his ideas, thoughts, work with others. Since time immemorial, man always wanted others to know his achievements. Who can forget the famous scene in “Tarzan – the ape man”, where he thumps his chest victoriously after winning a battle with the tiger!

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