Paid Ads VS SEO: Which is Better for Lead Generation?

How Does Your Brand’s Authority Affect Search Results?

Even if your website has excellent content and is well optimized, without a brand to back it up, you’ll have a much harder time being found in search engine results pages (SERPs). Without clear brand authority, people will be unaware of the product range and will not consciously search it out. Although ranking for branded keywords is relatively easy, getting customers to search for them is more difficult.

Google Analytics Mistakes To Not Do

Mistake #1: Using Outdated Tracking Code Always make sure you’re using the most up-to-date version of your tracking code as a precaution against these types of errors. The traffic will usually display inflated figures, but unless you look deeper, you won’t know where the duplicated traffic is coming from. Even then, it’s difficult to pinpoint.

5 Common Link Building Myth in 2021

We explain five common link-building myths in 2021 and why you shouldn’t believe them. Today, we’ll go over the top five myths that seem to be making the rounds at the moment, debunk them, and hopefully share some useful tips and tricks in the process. And if you are wondering who can help you with this; your SEO agency can.

The Importance Of SEO Training for Personal and Business Website Owners

According to statistics, around 340 million online people look for products and services on the internet on a daily basis, which is a huge figure. Search engines like Google rank websites based on the link popularity factor. And it’s the dream of every website owner to see their website among the top sites on the results page.

SEO Services in Digital Marketing

Google search gives local results and for this reason it is valuable to hire a small business SEO services company. But why do you ask?

Effective Link Building Tactics That You Should Try Out

Link building is important in SEO as it helps a website in obtaining a favourable position on search engine rankings. Guest blogging, blog commenting, infographics, social media, internal linking and paid links are some of the popular link building strategies that you can consider. Collaborating with a link building agency can fetch you better results.

Premium Themes Vs Free Themes

If you have a blog and not getting traffic then the reason might be free themes. They are not SEO friendly and changes are there that you website can be hacked. So I’ll recommend you to always use premium themes.

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