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The Benefits of the In-Page Analytics Chrome Extension

Beginners to the complicated world of SEO have difficulty analyzing website traffic. Moreover, implementing changes to improve traffic and usability can be a multifaceted task. However, Google offers a free tool to help users analyze traffic and asses how users interact with your website. Google In-Page Analytics is a tool that offers several user-friendly benefits and innovative features. Recently, Google developed an update to this useful tool called the Chrome Extension.

Seven Reasons To Hire A Professional SEO Company

For many small business owners, the idea of hiring a professional SEO company is intimidating. They wonder whether it’s really worth the investment, or if they should come up with their own SEO strategy. While it’s true anyone can manage their own SEO, it’s still a better plan to hire a professional.

Difference Between Follow Links and No Follow Links

Follow and no follow links often confuse novices of the SEO game. However, they are quite simple concepts that are easy to understand. Here is the definite difference between these two linking terms.

Search Engine Optimization Is Like Speed Dating

What do search engine optimization and speed dating have in common? The answer might surprise you. Methods for choosing a date in a crowded speed dating room aren’t unlike the same methods search engines and searchers use to find the right website.

SEO Vs PPC: What’s the Difference and Which Is Right for You?

For entrepreneurs, launching their brand online is like their newborn. They are completed and fiercely in love with it. When you invest so much in designing your company’s website, you want it to be in good ranking. You want it to have maximum reach and a fairly good amount of traffic.

SEO: What Has Not Changed (And Never Will)

Many believe that SEO has changed fundamentally in recent years. Still, there are some things that are never going to change in regards to search engine optimization.

How Important Is Local Search Engine Optimization For Your Business?

Recently, Google released it latest update for the search algorithm. This time it focuses on Local Search.

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