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The Greatest Shakeups In Google SERPs This Year

Search marketers are sleeping with one eye open. See why, and what to expect in the future!

Easy Ways On How To Check Duplicate Content On Your Website

Having duplicate content on your website can actually have a great effect on the reliability of your site. Although there is really nothing wrong with sharing some information that you think can help your site visitors, still it can be a risk if you are aiming for a high page rank. Even if you got the author’s permission to republish the content on your website, it is a big factor that can make your page rank go down.

Landing Page Optimisation Tips For Better Conversions

Your landing page is the most important part of your website, especially in terms of your bounce rate and your conversion rate. It all hinges on whether new visitors to your site will stay and read more or click away to another site.

How Responsive Website Design Affects Search Engine Optimisation

Responsive Website Design is essential if you want users to clearly see your website, regardless of what device they are using. Today’s wide use of mobile phones, tablets and laptops as well as traditional pc’s means that RWD is central to the very best in modern web design.

Tips to Make an Seo Friendly Website Design and Development

The term search engine optimization is very much important for the development of a website. It enhances the user experience to a great extent and also the over all esteem of a site. There are several companies in the online arena but most of them wait for the completion of the entire site before opting for a search engine optimizer. This process generally ruins the entire functioning of a site. Just imagine, would it be sensible if you build a house and then after that you decide that you wanted an interior decorator to build it. There are superb SEO strategies that can do wonders for your website development process.

Check Keyword Competition Using Google

If you want to get free Google traffic to your website, it is essential to find good low competition keywords to target. Unfortunately, if you are starting out, keyword research tools can be expensive. In this article, I explain a simple, yet accurate, system to manually perform a keyword research with free tools.

Does Your Business Require SEO Services?

Whenever you search the net about any requirement you have, the search results on the first page are likely the ones that will be opened. This in turn translates to more revenue for the websites that are on the first search page. But how do these websites end up on the first search page?

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