8 Things That Are RUINING Your eCommerce Sales

Have You Been Hacked?

Are your account passwords easy to remember? Well yes most people use passwords that are easy to remember based on their address date of birth or birthday. We are all guilty of using easy to hack passwords. But if I make my password hard to guess how can I remember what it was?

How to Win the War for Search Engine Optimisation

Many of us have websites now and want the maximum possible exposure. But – so many of us have websites now how can we manage this? An industry has developed alongside the World Wide Web which claims to ensure your website will always appear at the top of searches.

Ranking Google Maps For Your Business

It’s surprising how some business don’t appreciate Google maps and how the results come up in the search engine. With a search like “accommodation rarotonga” which has 1,900 Exact search terms per month your business could be sitting on top with the Google with your map where others pay a lot of money to advertise in these areas like Wotif.com and booking.com as seen below because the commissions are very high when companies are taking 10% to 15% commissions per booking

How to Achieve On Page Optimization

There are two factors that you should consider for effective search engine optimization of your blog posts or website. On page optimization is when content is optimized on desired and targeted keyword which entails quality content, correct heading, correct placement of keyword amongst many other factors.

Improve SEO Result With Quality Link Building Strategy

The article presents the proven strategies for the best search engine optimisation results. High-Quality link building is a vital step to get better rankings in the search engine results page.

Authority Sites, Page Rank, And Alexa Rankings

This article is something that everyone that’s interested in SEO, search engine optimization should know. This is a brief rundown of authority sites, page rank, and Alexa rankings.

Should You Allow Pingbacks On Your Blog?

Approving pingbacks and trackbacks on your blog have been a topic of conversation for quite some time now among SEOs. This article will offer up the answer to long asked questions.

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