7 Nifty Marketing Tactics to Deploy Now

Facts About SEO You Didn’t Know About

While nearly all of us know about SEO and the requirement of having SEO optimized pages, here are some things about SEO that you may not know about. Do remember that optimizing your web pages is essential for your online success and for standing out from your competitors. SEO and SEM SEO is very different from SEM (Search Engine Marketing) though they sound quite similar.

Have a Business? Here Are the Advantages of Using SEO

Every business looks forward to increase its productivity and drive in performance. To build brand image online, a great way is to use SEO. After all, a great SEO strategy can do wonders and bring in more customers and build brand loyalty.

The Differences Between Google and Bing SEO Algorithms

When we talk about SEO, we usually make an assumption that we’re talking about Google, after all it holds some 67% of the search engine market. Your customers use it, you use it and so does everyone else.

Back To Basics: What Is SEO Marketing?

We take it back to basics of what SEO Marketing is. Learn about what the results mean in a search, and the difference between paid and organic results. Finally, find out why it’s so important to incorporate both social media marketing and search engine optimization in to your web marketing strategic plan.

Multi-Tier Linking Shouldn’t End in Tears

Multi-tier linking is fast becoming the most effective way to ‘do’ SEO. Here’s what multiple tiers of linking do to your page ranking.

Some Simple DIY SEO Tips

Though the process of doing some SEO works usually requires the assistance of experts in this field, as a business or website owner, there are some things that you can do to help in enhancing or improving the visibility or presence of your website on the World Wide Web. Below are some of these simple but highly useful and effective SEO tips.

How to Set Up Your Google Places Profile

Setting up a Google+ profile and Google+ Local are great ways to take advantage of the potential from local customers who are geographically close to you, and to passing trade. Increasingly, businesses that are looking for local trade, like small retailers and service business, are finding that Google Places and Google Maps are playing an important part in ensuring their customers can find them. Here’s how to set up your Google Places Profile.

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