5 Free Resources to Learn Digital Marketing

How Important Images Are for Your Blog

Images and attractive visuals have always complemented a professional blog. Their contribution in selling and marketing does not wait for an explanation. They can easily arrest the attention of the viewers, creating a visual mirth and visionary trance for them (viewers). Images can bring about a change in the psyche of a viewer, making him your positive customer.

Hiring for SEO: How to Find and Hire Someone With Little or No Experience

Hiring inexperienced people is full of risks. The problem is that the person you hire may not turn out to be competent at SEO or may not be a fast learner or they may not want to take up SEO as a long-term career. Therefore, hiring and training a person who fits the organizational culture and who is enthusiastic about learning is much better than hiring someone with experience who does not sync well with the team. Moreover, you are giving a person the fascinating opportunity for a whole new career and moulding them into a world-class marketer-and that’s a truly wonderful feeling.

Mobilegeddon: Google’s Mobile Friendly Algorithm

Can Google’s aim to change consumer behavior come to fruition? Will there be huge changes in page rankings, especially involving major corporations? Let #mobilegeddon begin!

SEO Benefits for Businesses

Today’s business industry operates online. Regardless of whether a company is represented by a physical storefront or website, advertising and promotion is channeled via the Internet. Businesses that depend on their webpages for sales use a special set of virtual tools in order to reach their current and potential future customers.

User Acquisition – How to Get More Users to Your App

Even though mobile apps have been around for just seven years, they are among the most successful and the most competitive products in today’s software market. Statistics show that there are more than 1.2 million at the Apple App store and over 1.3 million at Google Play. How do you become competitive in this market? Here are some essential tips which will help you to gain more users to the application which you have created.

The Benefits Of Search Engine Optimization!

You have probably heard of search engine optimization. You are probably also convinced that it works well for any online business organization. However, you must be wondering what its benefits are or as to why it is so powerful.

Why Having A Mobile Ready Website Matters More Than Ever Before In Terms Of Ranking

While it may be true that mobile optimization has been a ranking factor for Google for quite some time, Google specifically stated that as of April 21st, the importance of mobile optimization matters now, more so than ever before. Said in simple terms, Google proclaims that mobile ready websites will rank higher than a website that are not optimized to provide easy navigation for mobile users.

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